Wholesale Nexen Tires

Wholesale Nexen Tires



Nexen manufactures a full range of passenger, high-performance, SUV, and light truck tires. The company has been around for over 70 years (originally Heung-A Tire) and continues to increase its domestic market share annually. The Nexen lineup is relatively new to Future Tire’s regular stock, but already we have seen impressive demand for this quality product. Wholesale Nexen tires are part of an affordable lineup that includes models for all types of vehicles. Nexen tires are available in all of th top-selling sizes and then some.

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Wholesale Nexen Tires

N3000 - Ultra High Performance Directional Summer Tire

N5000 - Ultra High Performance Directional All Season Tire

N7000 - Ultra High Performance Directional All Season Tire

CP521 - Performance SUV/RV Tire

CP641 - High Performance Directional Tire

CP662 - High Performance All Season Tire

CP671 - OE High Performance All Season Tire

CP672 - OE High Performance All Season Tire



SV820 / SV820A - Light Truck Radial Tire

Roadian 542 - Performance SUV/RV Tire

Roadian AT2 - All-Terrain SUV Tire

Roadian HT SUV - Highway-Terrain SUV Tire

Roadian HP - High Performance Directional SUV Tire

WinGuard - Studless Directional Winter Tire

WinGuard Sport - Performance StudLess Asymmetric Winter Tire

WinGuard SUV - Studless Directional Winter SUV Tire