Wholesale Yokohama Tires

Wholesale Yokohama Tires



Yokohama is a great source for high-quality medium truck tires. These quality tires offers long-wearing tread, superior re-treadability, even treadwear, stone resistance, fuel-efficiency, and low-cost per mile. For trouble-free medium truck tires, Future Tire recommends radials from their stock of wholesale Yokohama tires. That includes highway line haul all position, highway all position, highway trailer, highway drive, and wide base tires.

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Yokohama Tires

AVID Envigor - Performance for Passenger, Crossovers & SUV's

AVID Touring - "S" & "T" Rated All Season Performer


Geolandar A/T-S - Superior On/Off Road Performance

Geolandar H/T-S - Superior on-road performance with excellent All Season durability

Parada Spec X - High Performance Replacement for the latest Crossovers & SUV.

Advan Sport - "Exceptional Handling, Steering response & wet pavement traction without sacrificing comfort"

101ZL - Premium Long Haul Steer Tire

103ZR - Regional Steer Tire

104ZR - Workhorse All Position Tire for a variety of applications

501ZA - On/Off Highway

703ZL - Drive Tire

MY507 - On/Off Highway All Position

MY627W - Premium waste tire designed to stand up to the demands of front load applications

RY023 - Highway All Position

RY083A - Highway Line Haul All Position

RY103/103A - Proven performer All Position

RY253 - Wide Base On-Highway All Position

RY587 - Trailer Axle

RY617 - Highway High Value Line Haul All Position

TY025 - Light Truck Commercial

TY213A - Light Truck Commercial Rib

TY303A - Drive Axle

TY517 - Exceptional Drive Axle

TY527 - Premium Drive Tire

RB31 E-3 Rock - Specially designed for articulate dump trucks, uprecedented traction on soft surfaces

Y67 E-3 Rock - Performs well over rock, coal, & log-strewn terrain

Y524 L-5 Rock - The extra deep tread & side protectors improves shoulder & sidewall resistance to cuts & extensive wear

Y575 L-3 Rock - The Y575 offers & flush tread pattern & rim cushion for greater area contact

Y713B - On Highway Drive Axle

Y735B - Provides outstanding handling & traction for heavy-duty light truck applications

Y773 - On/Off Highway All Position

Y785R - Highway Rib All Position

Y788 - Light Truck Commercial Rib