Wholesale Truck Tires

Wholesale Truck Tires


Future Tire has a full inventory of wholesale truck tires, including tires for light trucks and SUVs, as well as commercial truck tires and off-road tires.


The application for your wholesale truck tires is determined by two factors: application stress and surface aggression. Application stress is the degree of use the tire sees during normal operation. Driving conditions with a high degree of application stress would be situations where the tire is continuously stopping and starting or twisting and turning. Urban and off-road jobs often see high application stress, while long haul trips would see less. Surface aggression describes the phyical conditions of the road that the truck tires roll on. If you are driving on unpaved or rocky roads, this would be considered high surface aggression. These conditions are often seen on off-road jobs.

The possible applications for your truck tires include Long Haul, Regional, RV, On/Off Road, or Urban. Each one of these applications is determined by the combination of application stress and surface aggression.


Steer/All Position Truck Tire

Steer tires are usually considered the most important tires on your truck, as they have a big influence of handling and ride. When installed in the front (steer) axle position, these truck tires deliver their best performance by utilizing ribbed tread designs to channel water away from the tire.

Drive Truck Tires

Drive tires are the workhorses on your truck. Responsible for delivering and maximizing traction, drive tires often feature lug-type or siped tread patterns to improve control and grip on a variety of road surfaces. These tires should be mounted on the drive (torque) axles.

Trailer Truck Tires

Trailer tires are designed to withstand braking forces and various weight loads. Using reinforced sidewalls, these tires protect themselves from curbing damage, and perform best in the free-rolling trailer axle positions.

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